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Everyday Eating with GG

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

I love food and have, at some point in my life, eaten a wide variety of big and small meals, healthy and not-so healthy (try going to the South America and resisting a plateful of baked mac n cheese, fried rice, and fried chicken (GG what was on that plate again?).

These days, however I've simplified my meals. I look at food as transactional--food has to benefit me, it has to give me something in return for my dollars. I think it’s a fair exchange. So, I choose foods that will give me fuel and repair my muscles and insides.


Staples (always in my basket)

Avocados ● Cruciferous Veggies ● Eggplant ● Jalapeño Peppers Kale (goes with everything) ● Mushrooms Nuts Quinoa or Farro Swiss chard


Beef Chicken ● Fish (I eat a lot of fish) ● Legumes

Although I do eat out on occasion, I cook at home with each meal taking 30 minutes or less to complete. Breakfast or my first meal usually consists of nuts and a fruit and my last meal is usually a one-pot meal, my go to as I dislike kitchen clean-up so less mess, less to clean.

I pre-plan my meals weekly so that I have everything I need and I keep my freezer filled with proteins so I'm ready. My grains are usually Quinoa and Farro. I do use canned beans but I throw away the canned water and rinse the beans out to get rid of the sodium. I then add fresh veggies and meats or other proteins. Add a glass of red wine and I'm good to go. Clean up is already done and I'm free to dine and sip at my leisure.

My cooking style is…just that, mine. I RECREATE TO FIT ME. I take a picture of anything. Food, Movement, Ideas, Beliefs...I take them all and I move the pieces around and sometimes out To Fit Me! I use whatever I have in my fridge, my cabinets and make the meal mine. Look at it this way. At Fitserious, we meet you where you are -- no prescribed recipes. Here it's all you. We take your essence and help you build the best you possible.

Here's an example. I made this Eggplant Concoction from a photo that I saw on Pinterest but I did it my way though. I'm a "just throw it in the pot" kind of gal!

GG'S EGGPLANT CONCOCTION (use whatever is on hand or let's start with...)

Eggplant (foundation) -- add a pinch of salt and pepper ● fresh garlic ● garlic powder (to taste) ● fish (I like salmon) ● kale ● chick peas ● roasted peppers ● mushrooms and ENJOY!

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