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Empowering Women

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

As I began writing my notes this month, I realized that March is Women’s History Month. We celebrate women and everything that they have contributed to society--women who have altered the course of history through some extremely valuable deed, philosophy, or accomplishment that has affected all women in general. I say great, let’s celebrate them and I say THANK YOU.

I think all women are strong leaders—the small business entrepreneur, the teacher, the mom, the mentor—women who change the lives of the people they meet every day. These women are confident, unique, fearless, courageous, relentless, outrageous, quirky, grateful...and so much more. You know who you are. I empower other women because I must (plus, First Born Syndrome is real—the need to protect, to get up and go, to control). For me, being a leader or having a leadership role means you support and celebrate each other’s wins, promote and build each other UP, encourage to GO, DO, BE and to Believe. We find these essential ingredients to being a leader in the perfection of self. My value of SELF comes from my philosophy of the Fitserious Lifestyle. I call it the Trio of Fitness—Movement, Nutrition and Mental. The body needs to move. Food is fuel for the body and helps it to move well. Loads of benefit will follow... I promise! Mental fitness is how Movement and Nutrition happen. Body and mind need to have a serious chat (WARNING--they will fight each-other and start playing nice after).This trio of fitness is where leadership is cultivated, where we begin—a strong healthy mind and body. We start with building the proper foundation by creating healthy behavioral habits. We clean the body-house, get rid of some clutter and make room for the new things that strengthen and rebuild us. Last month I issued a fitness challenge that focused on movement and previously we spoke about mental preparation when setting goals. This month, I’m laying out my own personal nutritional habits and Everyday Eating Tips, including my very own eggplant concoction. At Fitserious, I am personally invested in our Health & Wellness community. I married my passion for movement and food, creating a healthy inclusive culture and safe space for all, especially women, to start from…HERE. The rest is up to you. And while you’re doing that, give yourself a pat on the back for being who you are--a phenomenal woman.

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